About us

No Excuse Slovenia is a youth organization in the public interest that strives for positive social change and personal growth of young people. With the help of non-formal education it encourages young people to social participation and activation of their peers.

Young people in No Excuse Slovenia are spending their free time in a healthy way. They are raising awareness among other young people about actual topics and stimulating  their critical thinking.

The organization promotes and advocates through various projects for sustainable development, healthy lifestyle and active citizenship of young people.

No Excuse is apolitical and a non-profit organization that operates independently from private financiers.

No Excuse Slovenia was established on 7th July 2006 by Ana Lasić (ex Luin), Petra Fabiani (ex Merčun) and Jan Peloza. 

Since then,  No Excuse Slovenia reached over 130 thousand young people in elementary and high schools in Slovenia (in groups up to 30 students) with their peer-to-peer workshops, mainly on the topics of healthy lifestyle and sustainable development. In this time, they have trained over 400 young people that participated in their "No Excuse Activists" programme that have lasted for seven seasons or 3,5 years and 1000 hours of trainings, lectures and field activities. 

No Excuse Slovenia co-established several international youth organizations, including the Alcohol Policy Youth Network, European Environmental and Health Youth Coalition, Sustainaware - Global Youth Partnership for Education on Sustainable Development, YU-SEE and the Tobacco Control Youth Network.

In the time until now, they have got several recognitions by national and international organizations, out of which, the main ones:

Since its establishment, No Excuse Slovenia authored or co-authored the following publications and other officially retrievable products:

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